高品质或超细的样品材料、低浓度、高效的自动化测量过程 – 我们考虑到了粒径分析领域中所有可能的需求。 并且针对所有需要都可提供解决方案。 在我们的解决方案页面中为您提供了多种答案。 如果您未能找到: 请联系我们。

请您阅读 有价值的信息资讯以及应用示例。

Interesting information on Dispersion

Many samples - due to their material characteristics - require a special preparation for the measurement. For example can static charges, adhesive or cohesive forces, magnetism and hydrophobic characteristics or coagulation complicate the dispersion and measurement. 


Statically charged and hydrophobic samples

Some samples are difficult to disperse. For example, they are statically charged (e.g. plastics) or have hydrophobic characteristics or water repellent molecule components (e.g. pharmaceuticals, drugs, toner powder, graphite, titanium dioxide).


Adhesive, cohesive and magnetic samples

When the particles have so called adhesive forces it is considered an adhesive sample. The effects of forces of attraction between atoms or molecules of a body are described as a cohesive power, polarity or a magnetic characteristic.


Application examples

Benefit from our 30 year experience in particle technology and take advantage of our practical experience in determining particle size distributions. We compiled a collection of application reports reflecting our know-how in various areas of particle technology for you.